How much does colour affect communication?

Anyone dealing with communication knows very well that the choice of a colour influences the customer’s behaviour. We can speak of a veritable psychology of colour.
Several studies have been conducted on this subject. What emerged from them is that the tint of a product has an incidence of 80% on the decision of purchase.
If emotions play a relevant role in the sale of a product, the attentive choice of their colours becomes crucial for a company. Advertising images, products, a packaging displayed in a certain way can generate positive sensations in us making our product appealing, but they can also push us toward different choices.
Colours have a meaning: having a knowledge of that can help us in delivering precise messages to our customers preventing us from making the wrong choice.

The hidden meaning of colours

Here under a list of colours with their meaning:

Black: It’s the classical tint for excellence, a synonym of style and elegance. Used to express prestige.
Gray: It’s the neutral colour. Often chosen together with blue for business logos. It expresses elegance and distance.
White: Synonym of purity, cleanliness, lightness. It’s overall used in the sanitary field and for foods.
Yellow: It expresses shine and warmth. Synonym of creativity and energy, it’s useful for drawing up attention.
Orange: It expresses curiosity and energy, producing a sense of joy and enthusiasm.
Red: It expresses passion and strengths, ideal to transmit a sense of energy.
Green: It’s the colour of nature, growth and life. It’s often chosen for food and energy brands.
Blue: It transmits a sense of safety and trustworthiness. It’s among the most used colours for brands. We can define it as being the colour of social networks: Facebook and Twitter, for example, have chosen it as their own colour.
Violet: It’s the colour of creatives and represents fantasy and imagination.
Pink: It represents the feminine universe and evokes harmony and well-being.

Each colour transmits a message, creates emotions, gives birth to desires

In few words, they affect choices. That’s why it’s necessary to choose them properly and attentively: a fast decision, in fact, could compromise their future.

We suggest you deepen this topic by reading specific texts, such as Art and Visual Perception, by Rudolf Arnheim, a helpful publication to increase your knowledge on the use of the most employed tools in communications. If you wish to know our services feel free to contact us for an estimate.
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