Identify your clients

In this article, we would like to tell you about a topic that any entrepreneur who cares about his or her own activity should know: the segmentation of the market and the reference target.

Segmenting the market is like taking aim to be sure to centre the target

Every entrepreneur wishes to acquire more clients and increase his or her turnover. To this purpose, a generic clientele to which to address to is considered beneficial to avoid the preclusion of interesting contacts and consequently of possible sales.

Anyway, are we sure that this approach to the market always works?

If it is considered true that each client is different, it is at least improbable that our product could satisfy everyone.

The segmentation allows us to divide the mark into many groups of customers having common features such as age, sex, income, behaviour, interests.

In this way, through an accurate analysis and a targeted study, we could correctly identify the group to which we would like to address.

In a sentence, we are going to profile our target.

Before wondering how to acquire new contacts, we should be clear on what our reference target will be.

Otherwise, it would be difficult to arouse the interest of a client for our company and for what we want to propose him. We would risk, furthermore, to make poorly targeted investments and to propose the product in a wrong way to the detriment of our time and our money.

Do you know your clients?

Choosing your clients accurately means knowing who they are, understanding their specific needs, their features, being aware of what they expect from our service and which are their doubts. A deepen detailed analysis is necessary to implement communication and marketing strategies thought in function of the product and of the chosen segment.

It’s just in this way that you can be sure to present the right product, to the right person, at the right moment: There is no result without a strategy.

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